Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- August 9th

Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time. “ – Viktor E. Frankl

Last Tuesday, August 9th, we enjoyed an exciting meeting, run by Jarosław Jackiewicz, which could be best described as meeting of first timers.

Jarek – first time as Toastmaster, Magda Różycka – a speech after long absence, Adam Jeziorski– delivering his very first speech, Anatolii Mykolenko – first time as grammarian, Chris Bolliger – first time as table Topics master, and Mirek Grybalow – as timer first time in his long TM career.

This time around, we had 3 project speeches.

First on the stage was Adam Jeziorski, a new member of our club, who did a great job presenting his icebreaker. Keep up the good work, Adam!

Then Magda Różycka in her project 3 CC “straight to the point” spoke about NLP, and all of us started thinking how much of what she said and how she said that was actually NLP itself. Way to go, Magda!

Rafał Komorowski, a seasoned Toastmaster, pleased us with his reading of the Song of Earendil, written by JRR Tolkien. Very entertaining, to say the least!

After the break Chris Bollinger ran an exciting round of Table Topics session. Chris was very well prepared with 5 intriguing and challenging table topics for us to talk about. We had our ballots to vote for the best table topic speaker and the Winner goes to Wojtek Pisklak! Congratulations!

It was really exciting to see the newest members jumping right in! That’s the best way to get ahead… you’ve heard it said “Just do it”, or “Do it now”.. there is a reason successful people acheive… they DO:)