Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- August 16th


The meeting started off with the song “Azzurro” sung by our Toastmaster of the evening, Christoph Bolliger. This was the very first time in the history of our club that we witnessed a Toastmaster of the evening sing. Chris tickled our funny bones, and even though the topic of the session was “blue”, after the song nobody felt blue, but couldn’t help but giggle. Chris passed his first test as Toastmaster with flying colours!!!

The Warm-up session: What colour R U? challenged everybody to answer that tricky question . Psychology has never been this funny!

Later we had a recent member our club, Anatolii Mykolenko give his second speech in his very short Toastmasters career; for sure he does not give his speeches once in a blue moonJ Great pace, Anatolii!!!. Anatolii spoke about things worth speaking about, and the audience received his speech very enthusiastically

Our President, Milena Paluchowska, shed some light on the recent changes to the Toastmasters International brand. In her Power Point presentation she showed us the new, refreshed looks of the logo. We were very happy with that new edgy image, and cannot wait to see our new banner and pins arrive in Warsaw soon.

As Chris best put it: “It was a cozy evening with a small but enthusiastic bunch.” We look forward to more evenings like that.