Executive Committee H1 2019

President: Andrew Maksymenko

Serves as the Club’s chief executive officer, responsible for general supervision and operation of the Club.

VP Education: Iwona Abramowicz

Responsible for planning successful Club meetings. The VP Education promotes the Toastmasters educational program to the Club members; orients new members to the Toastmasters program and to the Club and makes sure each new member is assigned a mentor.

VP Membership: Paweł Koszałka

Plans, organizes, and implements a continuous marketing effort which ensures the Club maintains or exceeds 20 members.

VP Public Relations: Dorota Ucieklak

Develops, implements, and administers a publicity program that maintains a positive image of Toastmasters International for all members, guests, and the general public.

Secretary: Naza Simińska

Responsible for all Club records and correspondence; keeps the Club Constitution and Bylaws and all other official Club documents.

Treasurer: Jerzy Andrzej Gzula

Responsible for developing and executing financial policies, procedures, audits and controls.

Sergeant at Arms: Patrycjusz Popko

Responsible for greeting members and guests, and for scheduling meeting location; maintaining club equipment in working order, checking if supplies are available.

Mentoring Officer: Michał Karwowski