Interview with the Executive Committee

Dear Friends we want you to meet our Beloved Executive Board 2013/2014.

It’s essential to know that they commit themselves to grow our club together.

They are working on backstage… But they do a lot more than you think!
Without them our club would be different a lot.
Each one of them gave us something when they were learning through last year.
And because of them we had so many new people wanted to commit for new cadence…

That is why I’m honored to announce personal interviews with Executive Board 2013/2014!
(click on the name or picture to move to each interview)

Best Regards
Paweł Pięta & Dorota Cieślińska
Interviewing Crew at Speaking Elephants


President: Atanaska Mitreva

Atanaska Mitreva

VP Education: Tomasz Kropiewnicki

Tomasz Kropiewnicki

VP Membership: Jacek Lasota

Jacek Lasota

VP Public Relations: Paweł Pięta

Paweł Pięta

Secretary: Anna Witkowska

Anna Witkowska

Treasurer: Wojtek Arciszewski

Treasurer: Wojtek Arciszewski

Sergeant at Arms: Patrick Libuda