Jacek Lasota VP Membership

JacekJacek Lasota – VP Membership 2013/2014

Jacek was a member of Speaking Elephants Executive Board for two years, first as a Sergeant at Arms and then as Vice President Membership. Now he’s starting first German-speaking Toastmasters club.


1.    Jacek, you are known for your comic speeches, you have competed in comic speeches contest, what is your recipe for a great humorous speech? How do you find inspiration?

The very important part of every speech is a story. You must find in your life or life of other people funny stories. Everyone has it. You should be relaxed and be sure that your story is funny. Sometimes you can “tune” your story a little bit to make it even more funny because nobody said it must be 100% true. Very good is technique of exaggerated comparisons or relate to funny situation from  public life or club.

2.    Is it true that you love dangerous adventures?

I like to try new things and sometimes it can be dangerous but the more risky it is the more fun you have afterwards.

3.    Is that true that you are starting German speaking club in Warsaw?

Yes. this is true. I learnt so many things at Speaking Elephants. I have been in executive committee for almost two years and I learnt how Toastmasters club should be run successfully. Milena and Michal Paluchowski and Atanaska Mitreva were true examples for me for being a great leaders and I want to pick up from them as much as possible and apply it in a German speaking club. It is not easy to create a new club and especially in German but it is possible. We have a small group of people and I’m sure soon we will have another Toastmasters club in Warsaw.

4.    What are your main challenges creating new club? What would you suggest to others if they are planning to charter another one?

Leadership, Leadership and Leadership. Without it there will be no group and probably no long lasting actions. It is not complicated to come up with idea to create club. You need only group of people but this is a challenge to execute all plans, actions and ideas to first of all register a club after that get members and maintain quality of learning and meetings. For me it is a big lesson of my own and other people weaknesses  but it is important to overcome ti. The same is also in live, I think.

5.    I know that you are member of Executive Board second time. What you found most beneficial during that time?

I actually gave already an answer in previous question but I have had opportunity to work with great, enthusiastic and full of energy people. Starting to be in Executive Committee opened my eyes that so many things must have be discussed and ideas must come to run a club. From the perspective of a member you worry only to make your communication or leadership track and spend some nice time with people. When your are in Ex Committee you see how much work must be done behind it and you are proud to be one of the leaders of a successful club. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get faster learning results than only by making projects at our meeting.