Tomasz Kropiewnicki VP Education


Tomasz Kropiewnicki – VP Education 2013/2014

Tomasz is very involved in Toastmasters, lately he was organizing Area M4 Contest.


1. How Toastmasters changed your way of life?

Profoundly, Toastmasters has been primarily a wonderful and inspiring group of people that I had the opportunity to meet. It has also been a goal, education experience and much more.


2. I know that you are very ambitious. You’ve finished postgraduate studies from Project Management, Masters of Business Administration and now you are still going through Coaching… How Toastmasters fit into this all?

Ambition is not a bad thing but my personal and professional development was always about the discovery and so is Toastmasters. I use the abilities gained with my education and experience to help other Toastmasters and the organization as a whole. The most valuable thing we have is time and I believe that when you invest it in the TM club the returns are quite high :)



3.  If you had to choose the most  valuable thing you got from Toastmasters, what would it be?

The ability to receive and accept feedback, a difficult one that not so many people have. Toastmasters is a great place to learn it.


Dear Friends – recent update: Tomasz Kropiewnicki is proudly elected for Area Governor – Division J1 2014/2015

Congratulations! ! !