Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Club

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that builds confidence and teaches public speaking skills through a worldwide network of clubs that meet online and in person. In a supportive community or corporate environment, members prepare and deliver speeches, respond to impromptu questions, and give and receive constructive feedback. It is through this regular practice that members are empowered to meet personal and professional communication goals.

Every Tuesday 18:30
Dom Kultury Kadr, Room #115 (Akapit), Warsaw – Poland

Who are Speaking Elephants?
The Speaking Elephants club was born in 2009 in Warsaw. It is one of few English speaking clubs in Warsaw. The club is open for everybody. You could come at any meeting for free and try yourself in impromptu speaking. Being a club member makes you a member of the whole Toastmasters International organization and allows to use all the benefits, the main of which are:
– join an educational program and develop public speaking skills on practice;
– meet interesting people all over the world;
– participate in international conferences, training, workshops on public speaking and leadership for free or small fees;
– challenge and develop leadership skills;
– make author projects and check ideas for you work or business.
The membership fee are around 60$ per 6 months.

What makes Speaking Elephants different form other clubs?
Most of clubs contains in their names words like career, business, leaders. They are serious and professionally oriented. We are elephants we like to have fun and always look for entertaining way of developing. Look more here Elephants having fun or at our Facebook page.

Nevertheless the club achieves a President Distinguished Club award almost each year, was a club mentor for new created clubs, a home of area directors. Every year club members get the finals of area (around 5 clubs unit) and division (around 20 clubs unit) contests. And often club members successfully compete at the international level.

International District contests winners and finalists

2020 Magda Olechnowicz, 2 place International Speech Contest in English.
2020 Adel Batretdinova, 3 place Humorous Speech Contest in English.
2020 Daria Stasiak, finalist Evaluation Speech Contest in Polish.
2021 Dorota Ucieklak, finalist Evaluation Speech Contest in Polish.
2021 Daria Stasiak, finalist International Speech Contest in Polish.
2022 Cyryl Topalov, finalist Humorous Speech Contest in English.
2022 Cyryl Topalov, 1 place Humorous Speech Contest in Polish

Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) – the highest educational award

Milena Paluchowska – the third club president.

Outstanding Toastmasters (DTM) – the devision level award for leadership

2021 – Viktoriya Tudoran
2023 – Milena Maciuszko